Anna Fisher

Business Systems Manager
B&B Team

Anna's Role: Responsible for the quality management system (procedures, audits, training, corrective actions, NADCAP, etc.) and compliance to the aerospace, military, and semi-conductor industries. Also involved with supplier management, Cyber Security, ITAR, succession planning, and leadership development.

Experience: Anna has 35 years in aerospace manufacturing (24 at B&B Manufacturing, 7 at Kavlico) learning from the ground up. She started in calibration, then inspection, and quality records. In 1995, Anna was selected to attend Boeing D19000 training and lead her company to certification. This launched Anna’s career into the quality arena, developing procedures, training programs, performing audits, implementing SPC, holding management review meetings, and managing suppliers. Anna has continued to learn and expand her skills in these areas and beyond. 

Achieving Excellence: Inspire people to do great work. 

Likes: Sports, Travel, Wine, Poetry, Jazz, Documentaries, and Italian food.